Our Commiments

In concern with our mission and to achieve our vision and objectives, adhering to all specifications and requirements agreed upon in contracts, national and international regulations and standards, with the involvement of all staff, CVK is committed to:

  • Continual Monitoring and Improvement in Quality of Design and Construction of Projects
  • Building and Empowering a Powerful and Independent Quality Management Team Under the CEO’s Direct Supervision
  • Continual Improvement of Efficiency and Effectiveness of Processes based on Results of Audits, Evaluations and Performance Measurements and Organizational Improvement Management Feedbacks
  • Ensuring Efficient Provision and Allocation of Resources to Execute Processes Effectively
  • Empowering, Developing and Enhancing Knowledge of Employees and Increasing their Involvement in the Effective Development and Implementation of Management Systems and Knowledge and Experience Transference

Quality Management

CVK actively implements the most update management standards both in all of its projects. CVK leadership has decided to adopt the ISO Management System Standards model as a tool for self-assessment, as a way to benchmark with other organizations, as a means to identify areas for improvement, and as a structure for the organization’s management systems.

To take full advantage of the benefits of adopting this model, the leadership of CVK has set forth the following guiding concepts to ensure that the model is fully understood and accepted by the entire organization:

  • We strive to use our resources as efficiently as we possibly can, thereby continually improving our financial performance
  • We strive minimize and manage risks thereby, protecting our people and our environment
  • We strive to deliver consistent products paired with an improved service, thereby increasing value to customers and all other stakeholders