Plug Valve

Lubricated Taper Plug Valves are available in Regular, Short and Venturi patterns. For any given size of valve, the different patterns vary in end to end dimension and port area. The valves are designed and manufactured in accordance to API 6D, API 599 and BS 5353. Also, face to face and end to end dimensions conform to ANSI B16.10.

Regular pattern plug valves have the largest port area and short pattern plug valves have a reduced port area as a result of their compact face to face dimensions, which are identical to those of gate valves. Venturi pattern plug valves also have a reduced port area and a flow path approximating to a venturi shape to aid pressure recovery.

All plug valve models are manufactured to meet the “Pressure Balance Design” standards. This is achieved by the pressure balance holes designed on the plug to ensure that it is always in axial balance which can ultimately prevent the plug from taper locking.

Furthermore, in order to reduce the valve torque, the surface of the plug is coated with PTFE film

Specifications of Plug Valve